Fighting for Employee Rights in Arizona



Effective Counsel. Focused Strategy. Proven Results.


Our committed employment lawyers offer a level of expertise that is hard to find in general practice law firms.  Each case is unique and we take the time necessary to fully understand the employer's business structure, relevant parties, client's objective, the emotional dynamic and time sensitive issues. We provide clear explanations and practical cost-effective advice.  


Our lawyers have diverse backgrounds and have chosen to exclusively represent employees. We are dedicated to the fight for equality in the workforce free from discrimination, retaliation and unlawful harassment.  We advocate for proper wages, appropriate severance packages and to enforce contractual rights.

If you have not made the decision to retain an attorney, we can assist in helping you understand your legal rights, simplify the problem, provide clear advice and direction in order to reach a solution.  Our goal is to help every client fully understand their legal rights.


If you think your rights have been violated, there is a chance that you are owed compensation for the violations. Let us help determine if your legal rights have been violated, outline your options and assist in reaching a resolution. 


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